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Nero Brillante

Being passionate about kitchen design, i love creating luxurious kitchens which appear to flow through a room, and create something visually exciting and unique. This Nero Brillante design features a sweeping, sensuously curved peninsula in a rich Black Scintillo lacquer, sparkling with tiny Silver flecks, finished with multiple layers of clear lacquer, hand polished, for a deep pool like lustre.

As with all my designs, I desire the kitchen to be the sociable heart of the home, the main working area is positioned to face across, out into the room, allowing you to interacte with family and friends while working, the hobs and sinks are also in easy reach. The worktop is a totally seamless and smooth Volcanic Stone, finished with an elegantly tapered, shark nose profile, a teardrop-shaped section of Venetian Cracked Ice appears to float off the work surface.

Hand made Toscanino Black ink-and silver leaf glass adorns the wall, complimenting a very glamorous and stunning  design.